multi-brand showroom

L&M Direct is wholly-owned and offers a full range of handbags and wallets with distribution channels ranging from mass to mid-tier and better department stores.

L&M Direct

L&M Direct designs and manufactures both private label and branded goods across all price points and retail landscapes.
All of L&M's supplier base meets or exceeds industry standards, with more than half of those suppliers being successfully trained exclusively under L&M's stringent guidelines and development program. This carefully selected supply chain is reliable and stable giving L&M Direct a competitive edge in the marketplace. Providing the best product, lowest prices and superb customer service is L&M's foremost priority.

Foley + Corinna

Bags and accessories are now made in trademarked exclusive liberated leather which has the look and feel of animal derived products but is animal and cruelty free. Superior materials, construction, and forward styling. Retails range from $48 to $248
From the signature FC lady Tote to the smaller disco city bag, Foley+Corinna designs transition effortlessly from day to night, season to season, downtown to the red carpet and right into the after party. It's the perfect mix of sophistication, fun and function for the chic city women. Every piece makes a statement.

T-Shirt & Jeans

PU and synthetic bags, wallets and accessories with some use of genuine suede. Retails ranging from $12.99 to $48. This brand offers fast fashion at an affordable price for the girl who changes her look as often as she changes her mood.
T-Shirt & Jeans handbags embody a young and carefree lifestyle. The T-Shirt & Jeans girl is casually chic and lives by the belief that your vibe attracts your tribe. The T-Shirt & Jeans girl is socially active, young and free spirited, fashionable and trend aware. She puts her creative spin on her own style, crafts her own content, shares it through her own digital channels, consumes media in unconventional ways and is admired within her social circle. She strives to “fit-in” with her friends but remain true to herself with her own sense of style.

ElleJae Gypset

Bags and accessories with elevated materials and details. Superior PU's, Suede and some leathers. Retails ranging from $60 to $150.
Fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set, ElleJae Gypset girls are free spirited, bon vivants who enjoy an unconventional approach to life characterized by fashionable exoticism and down to earth ease The LJ girl is a high – low cultural nomad. Her home and closet is curated to represent the gypset lifestyle she aspires to live. She believes life is about the journey, not the destination. She is active but contemplative and loves being at the beach or hiking as much as shopping at the mall. She respects authenticity and heritage and is drawn to the idea of reinventing the old to make it new. The LJ girl is creative and eclectic. She calls her own shots and makes her own decisions. When she likes a trend, she puts her on spin on it, never truly conforming to the masses.

Private Label

L&M Direct is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing handbags and wallets for both domestic and international retailers. The experienced sales and merchandising team is accomplished at all levels of collaboration; from simply manufacturing product from the internal seasonal collections to complete brand management providing exclusive product development, purchase order management and margin maintenance. All product and factories meet or exceed current testing standards.