Driven by a persistent passion for excellence in a dynamic marketplace, the L&M team is committed to creating and delivering unique, trend-right, marketable product in a timely manner.


L&M Direct was founded in 2007 by industry experts Laura Lavin and Maurice Terzi.

Fast Fashion

L&M Direct understands that the fashion world is undeniably one of the most demanding and rapidly changing business environments. L&M employs every means possible to gather precise, opportune data in order to execute fashion-forward product.

Global Sourcing

L&M is an industry expert at global sourcing in both finished goods and raw materials. Through strong sourcing capabilities and relationships, L&M is able to bring better quality products to their customers faster.

International Offices

L&M Direct operates a showroom in the heart of New York, a design and marketing office in southern California, and its own quality control sample room in Shenzhen, China.

Disclaimer: A speed to market model is vital to L&M's success and is the nucleus of their competitive advantage.  It is with this model that L&M dedicates resources and invests heavily in research, design and product development.

To ensure product with a unique point of view, differentiated from the general marketplace, delivered and executed pre-peak  L&M conducts all of their own research and creates their own design and development internally.  In order to protect those ideas, designs, and processes L&M is thorough when it comes to intellectual property protection and enforcement.  The  designers are trained internally and by outside counsel on the basics of branding, trademark law and copyrights.  All designs are submitted for copyright registration and L&M's trademarks and slogans are filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


L&M Direct is committed to sustainability and socially responsible business practices. L&M actively engages with their supply chain to ensure that their products are both socially and substance compliant.


L&M believes in respect. Respecting the planet and people; both inside and outside of the company.

work-life balance

L&M believes in work-life balance. Innovation and creativity comes from a happy head space.

giving back

L&M believes in giving back to the community. They believe that a strong family can build a better future for everyone. Each year, L&M donates to different charitable organizations that support families and youth.

Laura Lavin, Co-founder & CEO

Laura has spent close to 30 years in the industry and has extensive experience in an array of specialties including buying, marketing, product development and manufacturing. Laura began her career in retail garnering experience as a mainfloor buyer at Nordstrom and later at a large national junior specialty chain.
She has firsthand experience as a buyer, merchant and as a DMM managing all accessory, beauty, home, intimate and footwear categories. She understands the wants, needs and mindset of the upmarket customer as well as the fast paced, fickle junior customer.

Just prior to founding L&M Direct 10 years ago, Laura was the Executive Vice President and CMO for LuLu Handbags where she was responsible for overseeing all creative design, development, merchandising, marketing and brand direction. Laura relies on her extensive background and experience when approaching her wholesale business, now helping hundreds of other retailers maximize their assortments, margins and turns.

Maurice Terzi, Co-founder & COO

Maurice has close to 3 decades in the wholesale industry, selling and distributing accessories under multiple brands. Prior to forming L&M Direct, Maurice spent 8 years as the Co-Owner of Lulu handbags. Maurice began his career in the accessories business working for a diverse range of organizations such as Accessories Network Group where he was the Vice President of Sales and was responsible for handbag brands such as Calvin Klein, Tahari and Kooba.
Maurice has a long standing relationship with all major retailers across multiple categories, as well as strong sourcing partnerships across Asia, Europe and Central and South America. Through Maurice’s relationships, L&M is able to keep ahead of the competition with quality finished goods at the best available prices and adjust quickly to changes in the market.